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No Way!!! 'Fake Ski Tan' effect

You are not going to believe what people are doing now?!?! While most of us try to avoid raccoon-style tan lines, the beauty world has witnessed a surge in the number of customers having spray tans wearing ski goggles to give them the 'fake ski tan'. It hasn't been requested by any of my customers yet, but I know it's only a matter of time before it happens.

The bizarre new craze sees fake tan lovers – particularly young women - standing in tanning booths or spray tan studios, naked, with just a ski mask covering their eyes. I suppose this recession-busting beauty treatment gives hard-up customers an instant ski holiday on a shoestring... getting an all over bronze with white 'panda eye' tan lines to fool pals into thinking they've been on a skiing holiday...huh?!

For those of you who want it done, just have one coat on the face, so that the mark of the ski goggles is less obvious and more subtle in its appearance.

I guess I better get a ski mask handy to offer to my clients this season.

Spray Tan. Spray Tan Calgary. Winter glow. Beat the blues. Look better. Feel Better.

The Dangers of Suntanning

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people will get some form of skin cancer in their lives. Removal of skin cancers and the follow-up treatments can be painful and often leave unsightly looking scars... and sadly, that's often the best case scenario. Prolonged exposure to the sun will very quickly dry out your skin, create wrinkles, and cause premature ageing. It only takes a few short years for your skin to show the harmful effects. Why risk it????

With a Faux, natural sunless tan, your skin will continue to look its best. You can have the perfect tan, and flawless skin, thanks to Faux spray tans.

Don't hurt the biggest organ of your body. Get you spray tan on.

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#spraytan #yycspraytan #spraytancalgary #safetyfirst #safealternative #healthyglow #natural #beautiful #bronze

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